Drawing on over 25 years of sales and marketing experience (in the UK and throughout Asia), I set up Sleeping Lion in 2005 to provide a range of services and products to help organisations with Marketing and Business Improvement.

I am often asked about my company name. The SLEEPING LION represents the opposite to the classic ‘headless chicken’ (that runs around the office looking very busy and generating stress, whilst strangely achieving very little). What I love about lions is the way they remain relaxed and composed, holding power in reserve to be channelled precisely and emphatically as and when required. This is also my preferred work style.


Comments from some of the lovely people I have had the pleasure of working with:

“I have been fortunate to work with Sarah a couple of times and am always looking for another reason to get her back to help!!! Her knowledge and ability to draw out the best in people (whether my employees or if we are trying to create a community for a client) are second to none. Her business acumen reaches beyond the UK market and draws on her years of experience overseas; key in today’s hospitality and leisure markets. Sarah does what she says she will do and goes well beyond business expectations.”

Andrew White
Triggerfish PR

“Sarah provided consultancy and sales support to SK Chase for 3 years. One of the many things I love about Sarah is her reliability and consistency – I trust her implicitly. Sarah is professional, strategic and is able to represent SK Chase at all levels – from providing training to customer facing staff to negotiating at board level on our behalf. Sarah is a joy to work with and always provides us with open and honest feedback. She understands our business – both our commercial goals and our cultural values and that means we enjoy a great relationship.”

Kaye Taylor
Chair and Head of Business Operations, SK Chase Ltd

“I have had the opportunity and great pleasure to work with Sarah on various projects in London, Moscow and Hanoi and I tremendously appreciate her professionalism. She is relentlessly positive and has a “Gung Ho” attitude that she has always displayed in some very challenging environments.”

Kurt Walter
Group General Manager, Apple Tree Asia

“Business people are usually either thinkers or doers. Sarah is that rare thing – an experienced operator who does both. She is also a pleasure to work with.”

Melvin Thomas
Director, 360 Golf