Business Development

Contact me for advice and consultancy on becoming a better and more sustainable business. Including:

  • Getting started on the road to business sustainability
  • Building a compelling commercial case for sustainability (and overcoming resistors)
  • Pushing CSR to new levels
  • Changing for good
  • Redefining business success – the triple bottom line
  • Serving society
  • Preserving natural resources and the planet
  • Understanding your carbon footprint
  • Managing waste more effectively
  • Adapting a circular business model
  • Greening your supply chain
  • Creating a conscious company culture

Ethical Marketing

Contact me for advice and consultancy on marketing with greater integrity. Including:

  • Appealing to the rising numbers of conscious consumers
  • Identifying conflicted customers
  • Feeding customers’ ethical passions
  • Articulating purpose
  • Avoiding greenwashing (and greenwishing)
  • Creating authentic and engaging marketing campaigns
  • Challenging briefs and professionally cross examining marketing claims
  • Educating on responsible product use
  • Creating compelling ‘pay it forward’ strategies
  • Turning marketing supervillains into superheroes
  • Being an ethical marketing game changer

The Ethical

Business Book

It’s unrealistic to think a company can become fully sustainable and ethical overnight, but all organisations can start moving in the right direction.

The Ethical Business Book (and Blog) is designed to guide you along the path to becoming a better business – for you, your people, and the world we live in.

If you are a business owner or leader, it will provide you with tools to start making a difference.

If you work for an organisation that needs change, this should give you some ammunition to lobby the decision makers and present a robust case for adopting a more ethical and sustainable approach to the business.

Visit The Ethical Business Blog at: