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Since setting up Sleeping Lion 15 years ago, I have worked with a wide range of companies helping with marketing and business development initiatives. Over the past few years my focus has shifted significantly towards ethical and sustainable business practices. My new book, The Ethical Business Book, covers 50 ways to help protect People, the Planet and Profits.

Although my background is hospitality (hotels, membership marketing, and spa development), over the years I have been involved in projects for many different companies and business sectors including accountancy, legal, media, management consultancy, retail, real estate, recruitment, travel, luxury goods, fractional ownership and private healthcare.

Why Sleeping Lion? I believe it’s not about how busy you are, it’s about effectiveness: trying to avoid all the time wasting trivia and focusing on the important stuff. A lion sleeps for over 18 hours day, and yet is still the undisputed king of the beasts. It is the master of minimal effort, maximum return. This is at the heart of Sleeping Lion – keeping things simply, but having a big impact.

There are a range of tools and exercises available here for you to download free. They draw together Business Ethics, Branding, Customer Loyalty, Marketing, Sales, People Development, Productivity, and Idea Generation – everything you need to focus and align your product, people and communication strategies. If you require help with any of these, I can run bespoke training sessions.


I am currently running a limited number of FREE mini two-hour workshop webinars on Ethical and Sustainable Business 2020 (in the shadow of COVID-19).

Before the freight train called coronavirus hit us, there was a lot of business talk around sustainability. As we come out the other side of Covid-19, what will we have learned and does it augur well for better and more ethical business practices in the future?

The pandemic has taught us that we are not as in charge as we thought we were. It has been a salient reminder that we are all ultimately susceptible to things outside of our control. This is essentially the same message that has been building momentum regarding climate change and the urgent need for a more sustainable and ethical approach to life on earth.

But for many, the environmental crisis was viewed as simply too far off to warrant the kind of radical intervention and drastic behaviour change we have seen with coronavirus. But maybe now is the time to draw the two things together and properly review the business world we want to see in the future.

This two-hour webinar sets the scene and introduces a range of ideas and exercises from The Ethical Business Book to help businesses get started on a more ethical business journey – for society and the planet.



  • The bigger picture – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • The Triple Bottom Line
  • The point of Purpose
  • Changing for Good


  • There is no Planet B
  • Understanding carbon footprints
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Switching to a circular business model
  • Greening your supply chain


  • Is conscious (or conflicted) consumerism killing your business?
  • Greenwashing doesn’t wash
  • Challenge like a customer
  • Time to pay it forward
  • BOGOF reinvented – Buy One, GIVE One Free
  • The new rules of authentic marketing


I offer my own Signature Workshops. All workshops are tailor-made to suit the attendees, but include content and exercises included here.


An introductory one-day workshop to help steer your buisness in a more ethical and sustainable direction. Good for people, the planet and profits. This workshop includes content from The Ethical Business Book.

Doing well, by doing good – that’s the new way.

Purpose-driven (or cause-related) businesses recognise and welcome the rise in:

  • conscious consumerism
  • employees’ desire to work for companies that stand for more than just making money
  • more ethical investment in sustainability

And these businesses are reaping the rewards as a result – proving that doing good and making money are not incompatible.

Download Sample Workshop Outline


Whether you are launching a new product or service, or need to re-energise an existing one, this workshop will help steer your thinking and challenge your brand development.

This workshop covers:

+ Working out why your business exists

+ Establishing what your brand is like

+ Knowing your market place and competition

+ Ensuring your product is something people really want

+ Knowing your customers

+ Not just marketing to new customers

+ Building customer loyalty

+ Understanding marketing strategy vs tactics

+ Using the right channels and mix of media

+ Being clear and realistic

Download Workbook


Businesses need to continually evolve to survive. This workshop forces you to examine the most important areas of your operation and the best practices that you need to introduce for effective brand development.

This workshop covers:

+ Working out why your business exists

+ Establishing what your brand is like

+ Managing your time effectively

+ Conducting better brainstorming

+ Knowing your market place and competition

+ Knowing your customers

+ Building customer loyalty

+ Understanding marketing strategy vs tactics

+ Marketing clearly and through the right channels

+ Creating a great company culture with high ethics

Download Workbook


These days, sales often gets a bad rap. And sales people are seen as pushy and/or formulaic. But all products need to be sold. Even in our digital age, customers need additional human persuasion.

Often the more upmarket (or complex) the product, the greater the need is for a strong sales person to represent it and sell with flair and sophistication.

This workshop covers:

+ Understanding who you are dealing with

+ Knowing your competition

+ Managing your time effectively

+ Reflecting your company style

+ Understanding what makes a good sales professional

+ Actively listening

+ Establishing the needs of your potential customers

+ Anticipating objections

+ Communicating clearly and knowledgeably

+ Knowing when and how to ‘close the sale’

Download Workbook



The Ethical Business Book contains 50 ways to protect people, the planet and profits. I will be posting many of these exercises and ideas over the coming months on ethicalbusinessblog.comHere are 10 areas I would encourage everyone to look at sooner rather than later:

  1. Consider your company’s moral purpose: where can your business have the greatest positive impact on society and the environment?
  2. Understand the principles of the triple bottom line: how can your business model protect people, the planet and profits?
  3. Embrace diversity: the best businesses benefit from a dynamic and diverse mix of people.
  4. Establish green teams or groups of social intrapreneurs: drive ethical change throughout the business.
  5. Identify your conscious consumers: find out what they really care about and feed their passions.
  6. Work out how you can pay it forward: who in the world would most benefit if they had access to your product or service, but cannot afford it?
  7. Measure your corporate carbon footprint: now work out how to reduce and reverse it.
  8. Reduce, reuse, recycle: manage waste in the most environmentally helpful way you can.
  9. Stop greenwashingfalse or embellished marketing claims will be exposed.
  10. Accept that this is a never ending project: keep monitoring, measuring, learning and improving. 


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