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Sustainable Business Development

and Ethical Marketing

Since setting up Sleeping Lion 15 years ago, I have worked with a wide range of companies providing business development and marketing consultancy and training.

Over the past few years my focus has shifted significantly towards ethical and sustainable business practices. My book, The Ethical Business Book, is a practical, non-preachy guide to business sustainability.

Although my background is hospitality (hotels, membership marketing, and spa development), I have been involved in projects for many different companies and business sectors including accountancy, legal, media, management consultancy, retail, real estate, recruitment, travel, luxury goods, fractional ownership and private healthcare.

Why Sleeping Lion? I believe it’s not about how busy you are, it’s about effectiveness: trying to avoid all the time wasting trivia and focusing on the important stuff. A lion sleeps for over 18 hours day, and yet is still the undisputed king of the beasts. It is the master of minimal effort, maximum return.

This is at the heart of Sleeping Lion – keeping things simple, but having a big impact

When it comes to sustainable business development and ethical marketing, simplicity is also important. Transforming into a sustainable, environmentally conscious business can seem very daunting, but it is important to look at the simple steps that can be taken first. You’ll never achieve everything at once. Instead of being paralyzed by the sheer scale of the challenge, I can help guide you toward the easiest paths.

Sustainability Training + Workshops

I have a number of training products aimed at helping organisations put ethical behaviour and long-term sustainability at the heart of business.

  • Board / Senior Management Sustainability Workshop
  • Employee Engagement Training Programme
  • Marketing with Integrity Workshop
  • Green Recovery – Building Back Better Workshop
  • Sustainability – Essential Business Workshop (SMEs)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Sample Workshop: Green Recovery

We are still, understandably, overwhelmed with all things Covid, but there are other looming global issues that are not going away.

As Christiana Figueres (former UN Executive Secretary for Climate Change) highlighted in a recent interview, civilisation is currently faced with two major world heath issues. Covid-19 is an ‘acute’ condition and has rightly required our immediate attention. But there remains the underlying ‘chronic’ condition of the climate crisis. Both need to be treated in unison.

And this applies to business too. It is natural to get trapped in the short-term, but as we recover from this pandemic, the question is: can we do so in a ‘greener’ way that takes into account the future challenges we face?

Understanding why sustainable and ethical business behaviour is so critical to the future health of business (as well as society and the planet) is one of the first steps towards building back stronger after Covid and becoming a better and more responsible business. And it’s important that these messages are shared throughout the organisation (and don’t simply sit with just a few environmentally conscious champions). Only by training everyone to understand their impact on each other and the planet, can long-term cultural change take place.

This workshop will help align your company’s attitude and approach to a sustainable future. Download full details here.

If this is of interest, please email me at:

Expert Advice Training

In 2019, I joined forces with my husband and Sleeping Lion became part of Expert Advice. We have since worked together on a number of projects and offer a new range of training workshops based on our Concise Advice books.

  • There are 8 business books, each with their own training programme.
  • There are 4 more blended training programmes that combine the best of two books, in different combinations.
  • Every training topic is the full package. All attendees receive the book(s) relevant to the topic, plus a full set of charts and supporting notes. 
  • The topics are available in a range of formats, including in-person, online, all-day and bite-size versions.
  • We can facilitate these workshops separately or together, depending on numbers and category expertise. 
  • Between us, we have run thousands of sessions and trained over 10,000 people, so the formats are proven to work, and the satisfaction scores are always high.
  • The engine that drives all the thinking is Greatest Hits Blog – our free business library that summarises over 400 books.

Sample Workshops:

Small Business Toolkit

Free Downloadable Resources

There are a range of tools and exercises available here for you to download free. They draw together Business Ethics, Branding, Customer Loyalty, Marketing, Sales, People Development, Productivity, and Idea Generation – everything you need to focus and align your product, people and communication strategies. If you require help with any of these, I can run bespoke training sessions.