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Ethical and Sustainable Business Leadership

Since setting up Sleeping Lion 18 years ago, I have worked with a wide range of companies providing business development, marketing consultancy and training.

Over the past few years my focus has shifted significantly towards ethical and sustainable business practices. Through consultancy, training and guest speaking, I now help businesses understand the commercial and moral benefits of sustainability (or ESG – environmental, social, governance).

To be clear, this is not an eco-war on commerce. Making a profit is not a bad thing, it’s how you make the profit and what you do with it that matters. I advise on how to make sustainability a genuine part of your business culture and day-to-day practice, not just a tick-box exercise (or race to be the ‘least bad’).

The Sustainable Business Book

The Sustainable Business Book was launched in March 2023.

Everyone we speak to is saying Sustainability or ESG is top of their business agenda, but in most cases action appears limited.

Many are struggling to get to grips with how to create an effective action plan, which is why we wrote The Sustainable Business Book and developed The PLANET System®.

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The Ethical Business Book

The Ethical Business Book was published in 2019 and reprinted in 2021.

It is a practical, non-preachy introductory guide to the world of responsible and sustainable business practice.

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The PLANET System®

The PLANET System® suite of products are now available:

  • PLANET BASIC – a fast and free ESG self audit providing a good starting point for any business wanting to begin to make progress by understanding their current impact.
  • PLANET PRO* – for those wanting to delve deeper, this includes a more comprehensive self audit plus access to your own interactive learning,  improvement and management platform.
  • PLANET EXTRA and PLANET BESPOKE – for those needing extra guidance or training.
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We have found that many organisations are responding to the sustainability challenge by jumping into some form of accreditation process in the hope that it will prove that they are doing the right thing. As a certified BCorp ourselves, we support finding the right accreditation programme. However, if you dive into something too soon and without taking full ownership and properly understanding the full breadth of what sustainability covers for your business, this can lead simply to box-ticking or, at worst, to greenwashing.

The vital point about The PLANET System PRO is that it is a self audit plus education and improvement platform. This allows you and your team to learn together and develop your own strategy first – to help inform your future direction.

It enables you to:

  • get more comfortable with some of the very uncomfortable questions that need to be asked
  • find out what you don’t know or understand
  • fill in your gaps in knowledge
  • pause and reflect on the best way forward
  • develop an improvement plan that’s relevant and achievable for your business

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SME Toolkit

I have always loved working with SMEs, start-ups, incubators, and fast growth businesses – where there is loads of passion and drive, but not the high level of resources available to the big guys. So I’ve put together a range of tools and exercises (that I think are particularly useful) that anyone can download here for free. Basically everything you need to focus and align your product, people, brand and marketing strategies. If you require help with any of these, I can run bespoke training sessions.