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Sarah wrote The Ethical Business Book in 2019, drawing together ethical, moral and sustainable business best practice in one place, arguably for the first time. Its non- preachy tone was a success, and it received a Highly Commended Award at the Business Book Awards in 2020, leading to a thoroughly revised and updated second edition.

Out in 2023, The Sustainable Business Book is a collaboration between Sarah and Kevin. It takes the essence of modern responsible leadership principles and combines them powerfully with intelligent strategic approaches to create a unique system that can help any business improve its sustainability.

At its heart is The PLANET System® – a series of steps that can help businesses address sustainability issues comprehensively.

From an initial ESG Audit, The PLANET System guides you through to creating a manageable Improvement Plan to help you build a sustainable and resilient business fit for the future.

It also provides guidance and tools to help you communicate your journey to stakeholders with integrity (and avoid greenwashing).